WebMini API


The User API provides endpoints to user accounts across all WebMini services.

Getting Started

Please refer to our general API documentation overview for all information on schema of and authentication for the API.

API Endpoints

Get User Balance

This endpoints lists the current balance of the authenticated user.

GET https://my.webmini.com/api/v1/user/balance

Required scope: user:balance 

Example Request (using Personal API Token)

$ curl -i 'https://my.webmini.com/api/v1/user/balance' -u {Your API Token Username}


HTTP/1.1 200 OK

	"id": 12345678,
	"balance": 123.45,
	"currency": "USD"

id is the user ID of the authenticated user, balance the current balance, and currency the ISO 4217 code of the currency the balance is output in. The currency depends on the user’s settings and can be different for each user account.